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Warm Weather Spurs Early Planting Considerations

Warm temperatures have farmers heading to the fields early this year. There are reports of corn being planted in many states while some ponder, is it too early to put seed in the ground? In other areas, producers are planting spring wheat a month earlier than usual.  Regardless of planting dates, farmers are busy preparing fields and equipment.

Producers want to be ready to handle their acres without problems.  When the Case IH Early Riser® Planters were being developed, Case IH customers told us they needed to cover more ground, and be able to plant in a wide range of conditions that change from year to year.  These conditions include hard soils, soft soils, dry and wet weather and narrow planting windows. And producers want to have the ability to go faster – all without having to add additional equipment to the planter to make it work.

The Early Riser is the only planter out there that can meet those criteria as demonstrated by winning No-till Planter of the Year two years in a row. It’s able to run faster, close the seed trench in both wet and dry conditions, and open the seed trench in both hard and soft conditions. The Early Riser is ready to meet conditions that change from year-to-year, giving you a wider operation range that will make you successful.

But the Early Riser also is easy to use and has excellent maneuverability in the field and during transport. Even our largest 1260 planter, available in 32- and 36-row models and also in 20-, 22- and 30-inch rows, transports and maneuvers like the competitors’ smaller planters.  In this video, customers are saying, in their own words, the success they are having with Early Riser Planters.

Customers like the steerable rear axle option that helps the 1260 follow the same path as the tractor during turns. Other features include the 1260’s new dual-purpose wing-gauge wheels and the new scissor-hitch, which allows the planter to tow like a trailer, with much less weight on the hitch.

With the pneumatic down-pressure control option, operators can adjust the pressure up or down from the cab. With the AFS AccuRow control option, operators can get automatic overlap control, saving seed and fuel, especially on point rows and irregular fields. And everything is controlled from a single monitor.

For more details, visit the Case IH Early Riser Planter page. Do you have an Early Riser Planter? What features do you like most?  Are you planting acres already this year?

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