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Weather Challenges and Solutions

If you are involved in agriculture, you talk about the weather. From weather trends to what’s next after the drought, weather was a main topic of discussion at the 2013 AG CONNECT Expo. How are you reevaluating your nutrient program or cropping strategies because of last year’s drought? 

In this video recap from Case IH-sponsored presentations at AG CONNECT Expo, two meteorologists are realistic about what the 2013 growing season holds. Jeff Doran, Senior Agribusiness Meteorologist with Planalytics, Inc., explains that the current weather pattern is mimicking the dry pattern seen between 1930 and 1960. Kyle Tapley, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist with MDA EarthSat Weather/CropCAST, says that early signs are pointing to a warm and dry summer across the Central U.S., particularly the Western Corn Belt.

Brian Hefty, co-host of Ag PhD, is also featured in the video recap. He is expecting this year to be better than last. But getting back to full soil moisture will be an issue because it’s been depleted so much from last year’s drought. Hefty recommends that producers need a solid, balanced fertility program to drought-proof your crop. Plants will become water wasters if they don’t have the right amount of nutrients. He also urges you to remember that drought-tolerant corn is not drought resistant. All crops need moisture.

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