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Welcome to High-Efficiency Farming

It’s that time of year. Time to give your operation the once-over. Time to reexamine the way you farm and to look for changes — no matter how small — that can improve production. It’s time to break the status quo and shatter assumptions. It’s time for High-Efficiency Farming.

At Case IH, our goal is to help you find those little adjustments that will allow you to make the most of every seed and every season. Recognizing that no phase of crop production functions independently of others, our approach encompasses all aspects of your operation — managing crop inputs and maximizing crop outputs — to help you raise the most efficient crop possible.

Better together

Two of our recent innovations are great examples of this approach. The new Tiger-Mate® 255 field cultivator and the new 2000 series Early Riser® planter are an unbeatable combination designed to deliver results at the optimal speed for your conditions.

First, The Tiger-Mate 255 readies your fields faster and more efficiently than other tillage tools, creating the ideal, high-efficiency seedbed — one with a firm floor that’s even more smooth and level than the soil surface. Then, the 2000 series Early Riser accurately and consistently places the seed into that ideal environment, setting up your crop for fast, uniform emergence and the best yield possible.

Manage inputs, gather data

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) supports High-Efficiency Farming from field to field and from season to season. Features, such as Section & Rate Control and Guidance & Steering let you manage the inputs you’re applying with precision, right down to the droplet or granule while reducing skips and overlaps and saving on fuel and labor costs.

Even now, as you begin to analyze data and make those small adjustments that represent the core of High-Efficiency Farming, Case IH AFS software offers the flexibility and analysis power to support all your precision farming needs.

These are just a few examples of how Case IH High-Efficiency Farming can help you make the best use of land, seed, fertilizer and equipment. Watch the video to learn more about High-Efficiency Farming and see how small improvements can yield big dividends. As you consider ways to fine-tune your operation for 2017, talk to your Case IH dealer about your ideas. Together, you can find ways to implement these changes and move closer to raising the most efficient crop possible — that’s High-Efficiency Farming at its best.


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