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What to Look For in a Sprayer

The Case IH Patriot® line of sprayers is agronomically designed for application quality.

When purchasing a sprayer, producers and applicators have a lot of considerations. Producers should research and carefully choose the size and options that best fit their operation. What influences your spraying purchase decision? 

We asked Mark Burns, Case IH Application Equipment Sales and Marketing Manager, to share his sprayer purchasing considerations from an agronomic standpoint.

Some of the agronomic considerations when evaluating a sprayer include:

Consistent Coverage – The sprayer should deliver a uniform droplet size from the nozzle to the plant over a wide speed range, allow multiple applications from a single tip and automatically adjust boom height as changes in terrain are detected.

Boom Design – Booms should be designed to respond to tough field stress loads while maintaining the range of motion needed for pre-plant, post-tassel or anytime in between.

Boom design and shut-off control should be considered when purchasing a sprayer.

Boom design and shut-off control should be considered when purchasing a sprayer.

Boom Shut-Off Control – Boom sections should automatically turn off when the sprayer enters an area that has already been sprayed and then turn on when leaving the applied area.

Spray Drift Control – Operators should be able to switch between pre-set spray pressures in the field when changing weather conditions and wind make spray patterns difficult to control.

Even Weight Distribution – Sprayers should be designed for equal weight distribution, even as the spray tank empties, providing a light footprint to get applicators into wet fields sooner.

Superior Suspension – The sprayer’s suspension system should absorb any shock load in rough terrain without compromising application quality.

Watch this video to learn more about Agronomic Design of the Case IH Patriot® sprayers.

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  • Troy Youel8.8.2013 Reply

    Can you set up AIM COMMAND in 5 foot sections on 120 foot machine. A nd use it with Trimble monitor.

    • Case IH8.14.2013

      Troy – talk with your local Case IH dealer. They can help you directly.

  • Evan Krahenbil8.8.2013 Reply

    The thing I like about the case is the AIM command control and the really quiet cab.

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