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What’s Left on Your Winter To-do List?

As winter winds down, prioritize the tasks that will help ensure you’re ready for the new growing season.

Whether the groundhog proves right or wrong, you’ve still got time to knock out a few more projects before spring. Here are a few ideas about how to make the most out of what’s left of winter:

Make a list and prioritize. Even if you’re not a list-maker, this would be a good time to decide which projects are most important to complete before the season heats up. Although you may not complete everything, a list can help you focus and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Start with maintenance and repairs. Generally, routine and preventive maintenance is much more efficient and cost-effective than making major repairs in season. You can’t eliminate breakdowns, but equipment inspections can help shorten downtime and keep the wheels turning.

Don’t forget about data. Although equipment and other iron-related repairs in the shop often are top of mind, it’s important your technology is ready to go, too. The Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Support Center can help ensure you’re all set for the season. And there’s still time to build your AFS skill set via local, regional and online training and support through the Case IH Owners Community and AFS Academy.

Check the box on routine items. Change oil and filters; top off hydraulic and coolant fluids. Grease and lube all equipment as recommended. Check batteries and inspect and properly inflate tires. Use touch-up paint to protect bare metal from rust and corrosion. Stick with Case IH maintenance products.

Put safety first. Ensure all safety equipment is in place, including shields and guards. Replace lost or damaged items. Don’t forget about chemical safety goggles, gloves and other required personal protective equipment. Confirm first-aid kits are stocked and accessible and fire extinguishers are recharged.

Make repairs more efficiently. Familiarize yourself with the Case IH Partstore and the online MyShed. The MyShed mobile app — available for Apple and Android devices — can help you quickly locate and order parts and accomplish so much more.

Work with your Case IH dealer. From making sure you have the equipment you need to ensuring the equipment you have is ready to roll, your Case IH dealer is ready to partner with you as you wrap up one season and get ready for the growing season.


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