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When the Time Is Right, Be Ready to Plant

A thorough inspection now can help keep your planter operating all season long.

It’s planting season. But don’t wait on the weatherman before readying your planter. A few hours and some basic steps can help you avoid untimely delays, along with fair amount of frustration, when you pull into that first field.

A short string of drying days can change field conditions in a hurry. If you performed the recommended maintenance when you parked your planter at the end of last season, your efforts will pay off when you pull it out of the shed this spring. Even if your workload forced you to put off some of the recommended storage processes, you can catch up and be in the field before you know it.

Once you’ve got your seed and supplies organized, visit the planting page at the Case IH Red and Ready Productivity Hub. You’ll find the information you need to help ensure your planter can make it through the season with minimal downtime. 

Check out these features:

  1. Use your mouse to roll over the hot spots on the Early Riser® planter to view short video tips.
  2. Download Early Riser Planter Productivity Tips. This 50-plus-page document is loaded with advice, recommendations and tools to help you get the most from your Case IH equipment, including:
    • Storage removal processes. The steps you take bringing your planter out of storage are as important as when you put it into storage.
    • Inspection checklists to help you efficiently and thoroughly give your planter a checkup
    • Daily and as-required maintenance procedures
    • Adjustments and recommended settings that can help you fine-tune performance
    • Operating instructions
    • Integration with Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS)
  3. Scroll through the four-part planter maintenance series, covering daily maintenance, the advanced seed meter, the row unit and the bulk hopper.

Once you’ve completed your inspection, work with your Case IH dealer to repair or replace worn parts. Early replacement can help extend the life of your equipment and ensure greater productivity.

Our Productivity Hub is an excellent one-stop resource for all kinds of tips, tools and how-to advice. But it’s not a substitute for your operators manual. Spend some time reacquainting yourself with the manual. It provides the depth and detail you need so your planter helps your crop get off to a great start.

As you survey your fields this spring, you might decide some especially challenging conditions require an upgrade to your planter technology. Your Case IH dealer can help with that, too. Through our partnership with Precision Planting®, Case IH lets you pair our Early Riser planter — and its best-in-the-industry row unit — with the latest technology from Precision Planting. Best of all, we give you the flexibility to customize your planter precisely how you want.

Preparing your planter is one of the first — and among the most important — steps toward a great crop. Make sure you take steps to help it perform to its full potential.

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