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Who Measures a Tractor’s Power & Efficiency?

The All New Case IH Tier 4A Steiger 600 Tractor

While tractor manufacturers like us are constantly measuring our performance in the field, there continues to be a need for third-party, unbiased data agricultural producers can rely on.  In the United States, that need is met by the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory.

According to the Lab’s web site:

“The University of Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory is the officially designated tractor testing station for the United States and tests tractors according to the codes of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) . Twenty-nine countries adhere to the tractor test codes (including non-OECD members: China, India, the Russian Federation, and Serbia), with active tractor test stations in approximately 25 of those countries. The OECD codes require that tractors be tested in the country of manufacture. Reciprocity agreements with the codes require that once an OECD test report is officially approved, it must be accepted by all participating countries.”

The Nebraska Test Lab is a neutral organization that does not endorse any tractor or manufacturer.  It is housed at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, affiliated with OECD, administered through the Nebraska Tractor Test Board and funded by U.S. tractor manufacturers.  According to Roger Hoy, director of the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory, “Our mission is to provide useful, unbiased data in the form of test reports on all tractors that we test.”

The Nebraska Tractor Tests first began in 1920 with legislation initiated by Nebraska farmer W.F. Crozier and State Senator Charles Warner. Crozier had purchased a tractor that did not live up to its advertised claims, so he wished to protect fellow farmers from such misleading claims.  In 1980, the original lab building was declared an American Society of Agricultural Engineers historic landmark.

Preliminary Nebraska Tractor Test results reported by Case IH indicate that Tier4A-compliant, 2011 model year Case IH Steiger and Magnum tractors utilizing Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology have set industry records for fuel-efficient power.

Those preliminary results are awaiting final signature from the Nebraska Tractor Test Board of Engineers and will then be posted for FREE download at tractortestlab.unl.edu.  We expect this posting to be finalized shortly.

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  • s.w.j van staden2.14.2011 Reply

    in my field, we have been using, high pressure pums with a highpressure line, and the fact is that when u optimize the spray of ur injector the at higher pressure the fuel burns better and Low sulfur diesel is essential for the best performance! Piezo injectors uses a round 1800bar fuel rail pressure and electronic E.g.r only works when ur exhaust gas is burned pure! I am from South- africa and in our conditions commonrail minimized fuel consumption and one or 2 catalyticonverter purifies the air even more! Im in the motor industry but my heart belongs on the farm! I would like to help u guys in and on my findings!! I like the work u guys do! Keep our earth clean! Thank you
    charl van Staden
    south africa

  • Judtin11.20.2014 Reply

    Case in tractors are best

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