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Why Good Soil Tilth Matters

Soil tilth promotes the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the soil, which encourages root growth.

Good soil tilth is important for many reasons. It affects all of the processes occurring in the soil matrix, the most important of which is movement of oxygen and water needed for plant growth.

Our latest Agronomic Design Insights white paper explores soil tilth in depth. Click here to receive it.

“Good soil tilth promotes the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the atmosphere, the soil and plants’ roots,” says Tim Nix, Case IH Tillage Marketing Manager. “Without oxygen, plants can’t grow. That’s why saturated soils are detrimental to root growth and why land prone to saturation is generally drained.”

Agricultural experts agree. J. Bornstein, an agricultural engineer with the University of Maine, reported that the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide provides additional benefits, including lengthening the growing season, getting into the field sooner after wet weather and quicker warming of the soil in spring.

The white paper discusses farming practices that pose soil management challenges and suggests ways to help mitigate them. It also shows unique features of Case IH equipment that help improve soil tilth. For example, the unique Case IH Quadtrac®-style track is now available for combines and row crop and articulated 4WD tractors, delivering superior flotation and full power in turns for superior weight transfer and minimal berming.

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