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Why We Need to be Ready, Part One

North American farmers are among the most productive producers in the world, but rising food needs from a growing world population require us to increase productivity even more. Do you think we can meet this demand? What improvements do you plan to make in your farming operation next year?

Since 2010, Global Harvest Initiative (GHI) has released an annual Global Agricultural Productivity Report® (GAP Report®) “to serves as a benchmark to analyze agricultural productivity growth. Each year, the report is updated to mark progress made toward sustainably doubling agricultural output over the next 40 years.”

Highlights from the 2012 GAP Report are presented in this two-part series to help you see what’s needed to Be Ready in the future.

  • Investments made more than a decade ago have produced significant increases in agricultural productivity overall
  • However, current productivity growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia, and other regions will not be sufficient to meet their demands
  • Without increased trade, public and private sector investments and assistance programs, these regions will be unable to meet rising food demands
  • Global agricultural productivity is on the rise, but regional measurements from the GAP Report indicate a need for accelerated investment to counter the challenges of climate change and natural resource degradation

“The 2012 GAP Report® determines that we cannot meet future global food demand unless agricultural productivity increases are achieved in every region of the world,” says Dr. Margaret Zeigler, GHI Executive Director. “To maximize the output of every resource committed to food production, we must facilitate public and private sector investments in developing nations, the application of science- and information-based technologies, liberalized trade and other policies that will foster this ambitious mandate by 2050.”

The agriculture industry needs strong leadership to meet the challenges ahead. Case IH and North American farmers can and will provide that leadership.




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