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Why We Need to be Ready, Part Two

In our last Be Ready blog post, we shared findings from the Global Agricultural Productivity Report® (GAP Report®). To summarize, the report stated that even though the use of new agricultural technologies has made food more abundant and has helped reduce hunger, we won’t be able to meet future global food demand unless productivity increases are achieved in every region of the world. Do you agree? How much more productive do you think agriculture can be?

“Growing more with less while conserving the natural resource base, and minimizing loss along the value chain while adapting to changing external conditions, are critical for policies and practices affecting agricultural productivity,” states the 2012 GAP Report.  It continues:

  • Since the turn of the millennium, agricultural commodity prices have increased as demand has grown faster than supply
  • Strong growth in demand for agricultural commodities is projected to continue for several more decades due to population growth, dietary changes resulting from rising incomes and the growing use of biofuels
  • Animal protein consumption is expected to double across the globe over the next 40 years; some three billion people will diversify their diets with the addition of protein
  • These factors together could double total agricultural demand by 2050

Agriculture will need investments in productivity improvements, selective expansion, intensification and trade, but sometimes these objectives are not easy to achieve. Climate change, regional economic volatility, population growth and political unrest can be difficult to overcome. While daunting challenges lie ahead, Case IH remains committed to helping you Be Ready to improve productivity and maintain your position as a world leader in food production.



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