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You Can Be Precise With Your Tillage, Too

The Case IH True-Tandem 375 disk harrow is just one of the diverse tillage options designed to help you precisely manage conditions field by field this spring.


From fertility to planting to pesticide applications to pinpoint harvest data collection, precision agriculture can bring greater profit potential to your farm. Case IH can help you achieve similar precision in your tillage regime.

Today’s equipment technology delivers precision unimaginable even just a few years ago. Through Case IH Agronomic Design and equipment technology, including our Advanced Farming Systems, you can achieve sub-inch accuracy. But how about precision before you even pull the planter or sprayer into the field? How about tillage equipment tailored to your individual fields, soils, crops or terrain?

Conditions don’t just vary from field to field. They can change within fields and from year to year, depending on the type of winter, the previous crop, that crop’s yield and other factors.1 The full line of Case IH tillage equipment can help you more-precisely prepare each field according to your unique preferences. Managing crop residue, optimizing soil tilth and providing an ideal seedbed contribute to timely, uniform emergence, crop growth throughout the season and, ultimately, yields.

Here are three recent additions to our tillage lineup, along with information about how they can help you ready your fields this spring:

True-Tandem™ 335 Bar​racuda vertical tillage tool: This rugged addition to the industry-leading Case IH vertical tillage lineup quickly cuts, incorporates and evenly distributes the most stubborn crop residue up to 4 inches deep. The Barracuda is ideal for aggressive crop residue and soil management and for where you prefer a blacker surface finish.

True-Tandem 335VT vertical tillage tool: With combination of Agronomic Design features and rugged components, the True-Tandem 335VT helps you take on heavy residue, uneven ground and rocky conditions. It’s a workhorse. Watch this video to learn about properly setting and adjusting the True-Tandem 335VT in order to capitalize on its features.

True-Tandem 345 disk harrow: True-tandem technology provides the straight, easy pulling and maximum pass coverage that helps make the 345 disk harrow ideal for primary tillage, seedbed preparation or chemical incorporation. Watch this video to learn about properly setting and adjusting the True-Tandem 345 disk harrow to capitalize on its features.

True-Tandem 375 disk harrow: Case IH designed this best-in-class multipurpose tandem disk for a wide range of soil types and moisture conditions. The True-Tandem 375 offers flexibility without sacrificing durability. Ideal for primary tillage, seedbed preparation or chemical incorporation, the True-Tandem 375 is durable and low-maintenance. Watch this video to learn about the key steps to adjusting the True-Tandem 375 disk harrow for optimal performance.

Make the best choice

Selecting the right True-Tandem implement for your operation never has been easier. It’s important to understand how each product may respond in your conditions. ​​So we created an online True-Tandem Choices tool to help you do just that. The site shows how our offerings of True-Tandem compare with each other ​​in similar, heavy crop residue conditions. It’s an excellent guide to help you determine which True-Tandem tillage tool best fits the way you farm.

From rippers to field cultivators to strip-till implements, Case IH offers the tillage tools you need to precisely prepare your fields for planting. Talk to your Case IH dealer about how matching the right equipment with your unique conditions can help your crops get off to a fast, uniform start this spring.


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1Hanna M. Many factors affect residue cover. Iowa State University Extension Integrated Crop Management website. Accessed March 13, 2016.

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