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You Have High-quality Hay — Now Keep It That Way

When you produce high-quality hay, you’ll want your twine or net wrap to help keep it that way.

If stored properly, your hay can be kept for long periods of time without nutrient loss. Whether round or square, large or small bales, using the best twine or wrap is important to preserve hay quality and bale integrity.

Hay that has been weathered by moisture, soil contact and microbial activity quickly loses feeding value for use in livestock operations. Plastic mesh wrap (or net wrap) is a solution for round bale storage that can provide protection against quality loss when stored outdoors. Regardless of your equipment, the Case IH Partstore or your Case IH dealer offers several options to suit your hay handling, storage and marketing preferences:

  1. Fastnet black net wrap is an open-mesh plastic wrap designed by Case IH for use in most round balers to keep its shape without getting narrower when stretched. This means it completely binds bales from end to end, helping to keep the bale densely wrapped. The tighter wrap will help the bale to shed water quickly and keep it weather-resistant, providing superior coverage and protection. Fastnet resists punctures and tears for safe and reliable transport, and when you’re ready to use your hay, the net wrap springs off the bale for easy removal and hassle-free feeding.


  1. If twine is preferred on your operation, Case IH delivers on that too. Case IH branded twine is made in the USA and continues to be the hay and forage industry’s standard for quality. Uniform diameter, consistent strength and exact ball length guarantees you will have tight bales without the worry of failure. Case IH twine is designed to work flawlessly in any properly adjusted baler without modification. Twine is available in a wide variety of knot strengths and lengths for various baler configurations and crops. BaleKeeper baler twine from Case IH is available in a variety of colors to help identify and organize your hay, and although it will not rot, it is nontoxic if consumed by animals.

When your crop and weather conditions are just right, you’ll need the right net wrap or twine to help — not hinder — you to bale as much as you can, as fast as you can. Then you can produce the highest-quality product as possible and keep it that way. Count on Case IH for the equipment and tools you need to be ready when it’s time to hay.


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